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Got the grease off my hands with LEXSOAP

Time to Party…

This last weekend I had to clean my barbeque because I was having company.  It was a mess inside, I really should do this more often.

Taking it apart was the dirtiest and grossest thing,  there was grease everywhere. Once I was about halfway done, I needed to clean my hands so I would not get grease back on the clean parts of the barbeque.

With all my cleaning supplies on the patio, I grabbed the LEXSOAP and poured some on my hand and got the hose out.  With a little bit of cold water, rubbing my hands together, my hands got as clean as when I started. This is a great grease remover!

My hands were soft and smelled great!

It was time to put my barbeque back together, we had a great time this last weekend.