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Got the grease off my hands with LEXSOAP

Time to Party…

This last weekend I had to clean my barbeque because I was having company.  It was a mess inside, I really should do this more often.

Taking it apart was the dirtiest and grossest thing,  there was grease everywhere. Once I was about halfway done, I needed to clean my hands so I would not get grease back on the clean parts of the barbeque.

With all my cleaning supplies on the patio, I grabbed the LEXSOAP and poured some on my hand and got the hose out.  With a little bit of cold water, rubbing my hands together, my hands got as clean as when I started. This is a great grease remover!

My hands were soft and smelled great!

It was time to put my barbeque back together, we had a great time this last weekend.


3 thoughts on “Got the grease off my hands with LEXSOAP

  1. Wow I love this stuff. I was working in the yard, digging in the dirty, pulling weeds, making sand bags, and taking off oranges from our tree. And if anybody knows your hands get DIRTY! and Sticky from the juice of the orange. Well a friend of mine gave a small sample to try so I thought this would be a good time try lexsoap. The dirt, sand and juice came off my hands without a problem. I really like the clean and soft feel from this soap. Give it try

    1. Hi M,
      I’m so glad you got to try Lexsoap. It works really well after a day of cleaning in the yard or in the house. I also love the way it makes my hands feel after using it, they are sooooo soft.
      Thanks for the update! I am sending you a free sample to share with your friends.

      Take care…

  2. I have never heard of Lexsoap but it sounds wonderful. Living on the farm, hands can get filthy. Especially grease. Does it take grease off easily too? Back when I was a kid my mom had the men use Lava soap. It was gritty and dried out the hands terribly, but it did get grease off. I don’t know if Lava is still on the market, but it sounds like your soap would be much, much better! I’m going to give it a try! Thanks for a great informative article 🙂

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