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Got the grease off my hands with LEXSOAP

Time to Party…

This last weekend I had to clean my barbeque because I was having company.  It was a mess inside, I really should do this more often.

Taking it apart was the dirtiest and grossest thing,  there was grease everywhere. Once I was about halfway done, I needed to clean my hands so I would not get grease back on the clean parts of the barbeque.

With all my cleaning supplies on the patio, I grabbed the LEXSOAP and poured some on my hand and got the hose out.  With a little bit of cold water, rubbing my hands together, my hands got as clean as when I started. This is a great grease remover!

My hands were soft and smelled great!

It was time to put my barbeque back together, we had a great time this last weekend.


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I Got the Sap Off My Hands!!

I Got the Sap Off My Hands!!

The family outing, getting dirty.

The family was out for the weekend to Mammoth mountain in California this past weekend.  We always have a great time when we go up to the lakes.

The hiking is great, there are a lot of trails to explore and we find a new one every time.

Fishing is our other activity the family enjoys,  usually starting at the upper lakes and ending up at lake Mamie, this is our favorite.  The fishing at Mamie is always fun because we end up catching quite a few fish.  We love having fresh fish for dinner and saving some to bring home for friends and family.

I Got the Sap Off My Hands!!

We ended up at lake Mamie and fished for a while but we were not doing so good which was odd , but the day was just starting so we decided to take a drive up to Lundy lake about 45 min north of Mammoth.  We all got set up with our poles, chairs and most important our coolers.  I having a good a time sitting and waiting for the fish to swim by but I decided to go on a walk.  As I went up the trail I noticed all the large pine cones laying around.  They had just recently fallen from the trees, there color was a light tan color and about 8 inches tall.  I thought I could take some of the best ones home and make some Christmas decorations with them.

When I got them in a bag in the car, my hands were filled with pine sap.  Ahhh! Yuck!  I could not believe how much sap endedI Got the Pine Sap Off My Hands!! up on my hands.  I had some samples of LEXSOAP in the back of my car and decided to try it out on the sap that was all over my hands.  The soap worked great!  I couldn’t believe how fast it took the sap off, after getting my hands wet I  just poured some LEXSOAP in my hand, scrubbed the bad spots, then rinsed with my water bottle.  Wala! my hands were clean and smelled great.  LEXSOAP is made from naturally occurring ingredients.  This is the best powdered hand soap and its made in the USA.

It was nice not to wait until I got home to scrub off the sap, I would not want the possibility of transferring the sap to the inside of my car.

Well in the end….fishing went great and the family had fun too, picking up their stringers of fish to head home.  I am so excited to get home and make something with my pine cones!


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Cleaning Up Made Easy!

Cleaning Up Made Easy!Whether you are cleaning up from a long day at work, working in your garden or camping for the weekend, LEXSOAP will make it a simple and fast way to get cleaned up. Just wet your hands with cool water, dispense a small amount of LEXSOAP in on hand, then rub your hands together to work up a lather. Then rinse hands with cool water.

LEXSOAP is the fastest way to get cleaned up, being the best powdered hand soap for dirty hands.

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